The Pulse of The Earth and Why You Need To Know It

You may have heard me speak in the past about how we are all electrical beings. Our bodies run on our own very specific electricity grid, or more commonly known as our magnetic resonance or frequency. Every single living organism on earth lives by this certain frequency and we now know that when it is disrupted, “living” becomes extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, you may have heard about the rapid decline of the honey bees (known as bee colony collapse). What you may not know is that the honey bee is responsible for pollinating over 70% of the crops humans consume on a daily basis. If the bees continue their rapid decline, remaining life on this planet will not only suffer, but will most likely collapse as well. What has affected the bee colonies, has also led to the rapid decline of birds, butterflies, and other plant and animal species, including humans. We have been indirectly affected by lower species decline, but there is also a current and continual direct effect.

You see, all life on earth runs on a very specific frequency. This frequency is exactly 7.83 Hz. In our universe, frequencies range from infinitesimally small to ginormously large and everything in between. The amazing miracle is that the earth itself runs on the exact same frequency as the life living on it does. The earth’s magnetic pulse is also 7.83 Hz. The chances of that being a coincidence are obviously as close to zero as we can get. This very specific number is called Schumann’s Resonance, named after the German scientist who discovered it. This is also the frequency of the “alpha” wave transmitted from the brain which controls human creativity, performance, stress, anxiety, the immune system, and every life process in between. If we are unable to resonate as a human body with the earth at this matching frequency, our entire physical and mental health suffers undeniably. One study showing these effects took several groups of younger individuals (20-30 years of age) into an underground bunker completely shielded from Schumann’s Resonance. Within a very short period of time, all of the participants would develop physical and mental problems. To make a long study short, the scientists would then introduce the Schumann’s Resonance of 7.83 Hz using a magnetic pulse generator, and within a short period of time, all health issues were restored to normal.

Back to the bees…in the last 25 years, we have increased our artificial electromagnetic fields by many MILLIONS of times with no signs of slowing. Because the bees (and many other species) depend on the earth’s magnetic field to navigate, and because Schumann’s Resonance is now nearly impossible to detect (especially inside city limits), the bees are no longer able to find out where they are going and how to return to their hives. Bees are very small electrically sensitive beings compared to ourselves. This is why we can see their rapid decline, and our slow yet very obvious decline.

We were told it would take us 25 years to really know the effects of cell phone radiation on our bodies, however, the introduction of 3G phones a couple years back changed all of that. We now have seen brain cancer accelerate at an unprecedented speed and especially in children due to their thinner skulls. Cell phones are just the tip of the iceberg, however. With the introduction of smart meters (that meter on the side of your house that is now a wireless transmitter of your information), additional more powerful cell phone towers, tablets, e-readers, and laptops, we are living in a sea of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Yes, our food choices are important. Yes our detoxification and cleansing protocols are important. But truthfully, it is all becoming a moot point if we do not quickly handle the electromagnetic radiation.

I realize this is not a very positive column, but I also realize that awareness is curative. Knowing the facts will help you to find ways to help change this situation. There are some great pioneers out there in this field who are braving the cell phone and power company “powers that be”. Change is on the horizon because we have no other choice! Looking at the statistics, it’s either change something or fizzle out as a human race.

For starters, what can you do? The easiest and most basic answer is to spend as much time as possible outdoors in remote areas. Barefoot if you’re able (and without your cell phone!!!). This way you are able to recharge yourself with the healing electromagnetic frequency of Schumann’s Resonance.

If you desire to learn more (and there is SO much more to know and understand on this subject), I encourage you to view the documentaries: Take Your Power Back, and Resonance Brings Frequency. I’d also highly recommend the information and cell phone radiation protection found at  This situation is real and I am passionate about it. If you begin to educate yourself in this field, your health, your prosperity, your livelihood will all be dramatically enhanced. Time is of the essence.

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