Revitalize Your Lymphatics and Flush Out Stress!


I have a fun challenge for you today! If you have been to any of my classes lately, you will know I have been using a fun little technique I call ‘The Revitalizer’ to help your body work out stress of many kinds. I will challenge you to do this daily in the morning or evening (or both for even better results). It will take you less than 5 minutes and does a few things for you. First, it helps to get your nervous system properly wired for healing. Second, it allows you to assist your lymphatic system in draining out toxins. Third, in my opinion it could help you with many things like focus, pain, energy, nervousness, depression, confusion, OCD, anger, fatigue, and much more. Try it for yourself, and see what miraculous gifts your body has in store for you! As you practice, don’t get too hung up on where the exact points are as it will still be effective if you are not on the exact right area.  If you get lost or confused, this is actually a small but very beneficial part of a larger routine by Donna Eden of Energy Medicine. For her longer routine or for more information/clarification, check her out on YouTube.  Now go have some fun with your energy!

The Three Thumps

1. Use several fingers or knuckles to tap the 3 spots. Tap vigorously on each set of points. Focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth during all the tapping.

2. The first spot is the K-27 area. To locate K-27 points place your fingers on your collarbone and move them inward towards the U-shaped notch at the top of your breastbone. Move your fingers to the bottom of the U and then move down and out about an inch to find the spots. Tap or massage for ten to fifteen seconds.

3. Place the fingers of either or both hands in the center of your breastbone at the thymus gland. Tap there for fifteen to twenty seconds with your fingers or your knuckles.

4. Tap the Neurolymphatic Spleen area, beneath the breasts and down one rib, for fifteen seconds.

The Neurolymphatic Flush

Massaging each point in small circles. Lymphatics are in parenthesis.

  • K-27 points-as outlined above (kidney/heart)
  • 1 inch out from K-27 (governing)
  • Another inch out to a spot between your body and arm-use your opposite hand to get deeper into this groove (lung)
  • Work down the middle of the breast bone and then down sides of breast bone between ribs (lungs/gall bladder)
  • Work around underneath the breast making a ½ moon starting from the outside (breast)
  • Work below breast bone (xyphoid) down ribs out to end of ribs (small intestine)
  • Work the area between bra line and bottom of rib cage (spleen meridian)
  • Work one inch above belly button and one inch out (triple warmer)
  • Work right beside belly button and one inch out (kidney)
  • Work just above the pubic bone (bladder meridian)
  • Work hands on hips and travel down sides of legs working each point about ½ inch to an inch apart (large intestine meridian)
  • Work down the inside of the legs in a similar fashion (small intestine meridian)

If any of these points are sore, don’t be alarmed. They just need a little extra attention and probably have quite a bit of toxic build up. Listen to your body and do not continue if there is actual pain.

The Zip-up

This is used to let your nervous system know you are done with the session and it can go to work. Understand that we all have at least 2 feet of energy resonating from our body outward. This is also known as our ‘Chi’. Using the zip-up will keep your own energy working for you.

1. Place your hands at the bottom end of the central meridian, which is at your pubic bone

2. Inhale deeply as you simultaneously move your hands, slowly and with deliberation, straight up the center of your body, to your lower lip, where the meridian ends.

3. By continuing upward, however, bringing your hands past your lips and exuberantly raising them into the sky connecting your central meridian.

4. Circle your arms back down to your pelvis.

5. Repeat three times.

Ahhhhhhh.  Doesn’t that feel GREAT?!



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