Override your exercise excuses and get fast results!

Three Types of Training Does It!

Three training methods will help you to achieve optimal fitness:

1. Resistance Training: Move creatively with your bands/tubing, dumbbells, or kettlebell. Another great resistance workout is “gravity training.” This includes push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, squats, and lunges. Regardless of your exercise level, weight, or age, these moves do no damage to your joints.


2. Core Training: When you core train, you work the entire body. Consult your stability ball manual for instructions. Use of a stability ball causes your body to be in a constant state of change, working to coordinate your muscles with your brain and balance. This is also called proprioception. Proprioception is critical to keeping your body and brain young.


3. Cardiovascular Training: Walk or jog in the morning or in the evening, or use a jumprope, or do plyometrics! This would include exercises such as jumping, skipping, bounding, jump squats, clap push-ups, etc. This type of exercise helps to develop muscular power by acting on the muscular and neurological systems to increase your power output. You will quickly increase your stamina and metabolic rate, as well as elevate your heart rate. Be a bit careful when starting plyometrics to protect your joints.

Remember that it is essential to change your routine every four to six weeks to avoid hitting that proverbial “plateau.”

Train smart, not hard; then rest and recover. Add to that proper nutrition, and you will soon be a trim and healthy athlete – honed at home!

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