Is There a Magic Pill for Flat Abs?

Be warned!

Watch out for abdominal isolation gimmicks. The body works as a whole. Trying to use a device that isolates only the abs is ineffective. There are also many over-the-counter supplements that claim to reduce/target belly fat. These are usually addressing a “cortisol” issue. A good theory, but — again — if you are not addressing the reasons why the cortisol is high, you are missing the point.

As for cortisol, here is the problem: an increase in the production of this hormone can cause one to hold on to belly fat. When the body goes through stress (either acute or chronic), the adrenal glands begin to overproduce cortisol. Handling the adrenal fatigue is the first step in regulating cortisol levels. And because this adrenal fatigue comes from different causes for different people, we recommend a specifically guided support program such as our favorite:  Defy Your DNA.

It also helps to make yourself accountable to a friend or a family member and to keep a journal. You will be able to see where you started and where you are headed.  Completing a daily journal can be an important key in your success.

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