How to Unlock the True Fountain of Youth


You got it, it’s CLEAN UP TIME.  And I’m talking about cleaning up from the inside out. If you’ve ever worked with a natural or alternative health care practitioner, you may have heard this title statement before: Death Begins in the Colon!  So guess what, that’s where we need to start. If the colon or large intestine is loaded with old toxic mucoid plaque, it really doesn’t matter how much you change your diet, or exercise.  You will still look and feel less than optimal regarding your overall health.  What happens is rotten and putrefied food, as well as environmental and other toxins sit in the deep grooves of the colon and release toxic residue into the blood stream.  The residue finds it’s way to the liver and the cycle continues.  Pretty soon the liver can’t handle the toxic load and all of the toxins are just recycled throughout the body over and over again.  To add to this, if you are not having at least one daily bowel movement, you are more than quadrupling this already disease-causing cycle.

Of course there are many ways to properly get rid of this toxic sludge.  In my opinion, by far the fastest and most beneficial and side-effect free way to do this is a coffee enema.  That’s right, coffee going in your body, the opposite way you’re used to.  Did you know that in the US, these specific enemas were known to be one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle?  In 1917 the famous Dr Kellogg reported in the Journal of American Medicine that over 40,000 cases of individuals with gastrointestinal disease showed remarkable turn around with properly administered coffee enemas.  The ancient dead sea scrolls (said to be written during Jesus’ day) go into detail about how regular enemas promoted good health.  You can find evidence of the health benefits recorded in ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Sumerian, and Native American literature.
How does it work?  This therapy stimulates the liver to produce greater amounts of a natural detoxifier called glutathione.  Glutathione protects your DNA and is one of the best natural toxin eliminators.  The fastest and most potent way to get these benefits to the small and large intestine is to use the coffee enema because the enzymes of the digestive tract do not interact with the nutrients before they reach the liver.

If the results are so wonderful, why aren’t more people doing them?  I believe it is ‘the fear of the unknown’.  It was this mentality for myself anyway.  I grew up with the mindset that nothing is really supposed to go IN that direction.  That was an exit only.   I did also make a vow that I wouldn’t recommend anything to my patients that I wouldn’t do myself.  So I came to a crossroad.  After much denial and listening the voice in my head fight with itself, I decided enough is enough.  And was I in for a pleasant surprise!  The actual procedure was a piece of cake, and the results were amazing.  Talk about feeling TOTALLY cleaned out!  And here I thought I was perfectly healthy.  I have been using coffee enemas regularly ever since.  What I have found is that whether you are extremely sick and dealing with a host of disease issues, or you feel perfectly wonderful, you will certainly benefit in many ways from proper coffee enemas.

A couple notes of caution:

1.  You must use organic coffee, if you don’t you are inundating your body with new and additional toxins.  But, even some organic coffees do not make the cut due to over roasting and mycotoxins so be wise (I only use Premier Brand-see below).

2. You must use properly filtered or reverse osmosis water.

3.  Of course you should talk to your doctor or practitioner before starting an enema practice.

If you would like our information sheets and specifics on how to perform a proper coffee enema, what equipment you need (make sure it is BPA and exipient free!), and which coffees are best, either stop in to Advanced Health, send an email to our wonderful Patient Advocate Heather:  [email protected], or click on the link below and let your next level of wellness BEGIN!


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