How To Enhance Your Health Instantaneously For FREE

What is the single most fundamental life process that most of us do incorrectly? That would be breathing my friend! Obviously there are many studies about how proper breathing affects your life in physical aspects, such as slowing the heart rate, aiding digestion, enhancing focus, regulating the pH, and stabilizing blood pressure. And the ancient traditions have known for thousands of years that proper breathing can give us more energy, relax us, allow us to gather more life force energy (also known as Prana, Qi or Chi), and when exhaling properly our system will release toxins through the lungs.  As I stated before though, all these wonderful properties are only being utilized by a small percentage of us. Would you like to join the elite 3% of Americans who are breathing properly and reaping the benefits? All it takes is a tiny bit of action on your part…

I have touched on this before, but it bears repeating. There are simple steps that are FREE that we can take to greatly enhance our mental clarity, emotional demeanor, and physical health, but proper breathing tops the charts. So listen up! I want you to take a deep breath. Now where exactly did you feel or see that breath? Was it way up in your chest area? If so, you need a little coaching (you’re currently in the 97% of breathers group). Breathing up into the chest is the fastest way to the fight or flight nervous system response which is the opposite of what our bodies need when breathing. Try it again, but this time put your hand on your solar plexus or abdomen area just below the breast bone. Take another deep breath but cause your hand to move (thus your stomach/diaphragm and not your upper chest). If you’re really used to chest breathing it may take some practice to make this small change but the more you remind yourself to do it, the more relaxed and easy going your days will become! Once you’ve got this down, you can move on to extra credit, and this is really where you’ll find the added benefits. It’s called Alternate Nostril Breathing. Let’s try it together. First place your index and middle finder of your right hand and place them on your forehead, right where your eyebrows would meet if they connected above your nose (some call this the third eye point). Now take the thumb of your right hand and close off your right nostril. Next take a nice slow and deep (using your diaphragm) breath through that left nostril. Then take the ring finger of your right hand and close off your left nostril and open the right nostril. Exhale slowly and fully and then inhale again through the right nostril. Close off the right side again and exhale through the left nostril. Inhale again through that same left side and close it off again to exhale through the right. Inhale through the right slowly and fully, close it off and exhale through the left. Continue this process for at least 2 minutes. Your life force energy will be flowing like crazy after this one. Can you feel it? Chances are your rivers of energy have been stagnant and not properly moving for quite some time. You know what happens when a water source has no movement. Yuck. Getting this flow going on a daily basis is one of my absolute favorite times of the day. You’ll notice you feel more balanced as this practice balances both sides of your brain and body. You’ll notice your best and most clear thoughts ideas come shortly afterward as well!

Do you remember when we talked about grounding or getting your bare feet on the ground to absorb the amazing negative electrons from the earth? These invisible (but very well known and studied) molecules are found in very high concentrations around mountains, oceans and other large bodies of water, and even in the shower. These ions increase the flow of oxygen and serotonin (feel good hormones) to the brain, they help to decrease depression and anxiety, and bring clarity and focus. Thus the reason why you feel so great when you’re taking a shower or walking barefoot in the sand! These are the very same molecules you’re filling yourself with and circulating throughout your body when you incorporate proper diaphragmatic breathing and Alternate Nostril Breathing. Sometimes we get so caught up in finding the next greatest miracle cure that we forget what’s right in front of us and is available to us all no matter what circumstance we are in. All we have to do is TAKE ACTION!

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