How To Become a Home Based Athlete

You don’t need a gym to achieve overall fitness!

Many people have good intentions of regularly getting to the gym for workouts, but it generally doesn’t happen. They cite a lack of time and/or money. But these are not excuses. Here’s why …

Getting — and staying — in shape does not require going to a gym. It does not need to be time consuming or expensive. It does, however, require an ongoing commitment. Do you know that you can combine resistance, core, and cardiovascular training in the comfort and convenience of your own home! It takes between 17 and 30 days of practice to develop a new habit. So, set a goal to work out four days each week for 30 days. Once you get to day 30, you will be looking and feeling so much better, it will be your personal choice to continue!

Here is a list of the basic pieces of equipment you will need at home to make this work:

1. Exercise bands or tubing (Three different strengths would be best; they come with instructions and exercises.)

2. A physioball or stability ball (55-65 cm and blown up all the way)

3. A chair

4. A jump rope

5. A medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbells



With this arsenal of exercise equipment, you can reverse your state of inactivity and being out of shape. Read our HEALTH TIP for specific exercises that can transform your physique while increasing your energy level.

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