Easy But Important Tools for EMF Protection

We’d like to introduce you to our adorable (we’re biased) 10 year old son Aden, who has decided to make you all a video on how he protects himself from these harmful Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Radiation.  One easy and totally free way is to keep your bare feet on the earth!  The earth naturally has amazing healing and EMF protective properties.  Where we live right now (Northern Wisconsin), putting our bare feet on the earth is nearly impossible, although this kid has tried it much to our dismay!

Check out his quick video below to find other ways to protect yourself and your children!

The EPA recommends no more than 2.5 MilliGauss in order to stay out of the Danger Zone.  Your vacuum cleaner can put out over 2000mG and your blow-dryer up to 20,000!!! Yiikes-right next to your brain!!!  Here is a 20 second video of me sitting in the passenger seat on a major highway.  Driving under a powerline spiked the mG meter WAY past 100 (too small of a meter to see that we were actually in the 1000’s).  We need to be aware of this stuff and start to protect ourselves!  You will be hearing much more from us about this information in the near future.

If you’d like to purchase any of the items below that Aden was talking about in his video, make sure you use his coupon code:  ADENSDISCOUNT for an extra 10% off!

tektiteSmall Tektite

Medium Tektite




grounding padEarthing/Grounding Pad





earthing starterEarthing/Grounding Starter Kit




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