Dr. Jerod’s Prostate Prose

Men have a bad habit of leaving their health up to their wives. The manly thing is to mow the grass and repair the vehicles and furnace – the important stuff, right? And if a problem arises, most men “wait it out” to see what happens. It might disappear mysteriously — just as it came on. Well, the prostate gland deserves male attention. We take a look at this tiny organ:
The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra (the urinary tract). If it is healthy, it allows for easy urination, and it also helps to maintain proper testosterone levels and to keep energy levels up and muscles and bones strong. It affects blood pressure and assists with blood-sugar regulation. Quite the assignment for such a small organ!
When prostate function is compromised, prostate cells are overproduced, which leads to the enlargement of the gland. And how do men arrive at this place of prostate dysfunction? Pesticides, biphenyls and xenoestrogens (plastics), dioxins (new car or new carpet smells), soy products, aspartame (diet soda, etc.), refined sugar, and caffeine are the major contributors to the problem. Also, because of soil depletion, the types and amounts of zinc and calcium necessary for prostate support are missing in our foods. Additionally, overused over-the-counter cold remedies and antihistamines cause fluctuations in the force of bladder contraction. Read my Health Tip to gather a few easy protective steps men can take to support the health of the prostate gland.

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