Dialing in the focus factor to increase your ZEST for life!

It’s never ending … texts, emails, cell phones that keep us on call 24/7, Facebook, and Twitter! Do you feel like a ping pong ball? Are you winded without doing anything physical? Is your life too fragmented?

Life IS busy, so it is imperative that you live it with the empowerment of a focused mind!

Webster’s Dictionary defines “focus” as a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity. So, what happens as a result of having “focus”? Well, for starters, you can experience balance, productivity, and peace of mind on an ongoing basis. How does that sound to you?

Now, ask yourself: When you come to life’s end, are you likely to wish that you had checked your email more often? Not that there isn’t a place for the technological advantages of our era, but modern communication devices have a sneaky way of distracting and isolating people. Too much time spent on these activities limit one’s ability to see and enjoy the larger picture of life, and they cause folks to become unbalanced and ineffective face-to-face communicators. This compromised state of mind can also result in mediocrity on the job and even irritability. Here are a few steps whereby you can achieve/regain your ability to focus and streamline your tasks so that you accomplish to the max!

You won’t know how well these tips work until you implement them! All you have to do is START!

 1. With larger, more involved projects, turn your cell phone and email alerts “off” to give yourself “alone” time for as long as you need to get the job done.

2. Play soft, uplifting music. Your brain works more efficiently with easy-listening background sounds because it helps to bring the left and right hemispheres into sync.

3. Set a time limit. Research shows that about 90 minutes is the upper limit for the best production. After that, the brain begins to wander, so don’t push much beyond that timeframe without taking a break.

4. Short 5-minute relaxation sessions boost mental acuity. Every 30 minutes, or so, do several deep inhales/exhales using your diaphragm (not your chest). Feel the tingle of oxygen rushing to your head. It is the fuel for your tasks. Deep breathing, no matter what you are doing, is a “must.”  Join us at Planet Unite for free weekly connected meditations.

5. Jot down a plan of action. What needs to be accomplished tomorrow? Put it in writing. This is a great aid to “focus,” and it can save you hours. You will wake up and know exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.

6. When you feel overwhelmed, rein in your thoughts. Give your attention to one thing, do it, and then tackle the next task.

7. If you are bored with repetitive tasks, listen to an audio book or to music. The motions stay routine, but your mind has a place to go, and the job will get done almost without effort.

8. For the much needed extra support, we use only safe and pure essential oils (such as a mixture of peppermint, lavender, and bergamot). Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to know more about these amazing oils. We also recommend a high-quality brain support Fish Oil, such as our favorite: Nordic Naturals Pro DHA 1000.







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