Defy Your Prostate DNA

Prostate Health Tips

Any male suffering with low energy, sleeping difficulties, and low-back or neck/shoulder pain may have a mineral-starved prostate gland. The prostate needs 10 times the amount of zinc that other organs need. Over-the-counter zinc, however, will not solve the problem. The kind of zinc needed is found in food: oysters, pumpkin, wheat germ, sunflower seeds (raw), onions, liver, flax, deep sea fish, and lentils. And studies show that aged garlic dramatically diminishes the growth of human prostate cancer cells.

Think of it this way, men: avoid the items listed in our Feature Article and get at least two servings per day of items in the above list! It’s that simple!

For men who are already dealing with prostate insufficiency, there are things that can be done. The British Journal of Pharmacology Studies showed that a quality-grade Saw Palmetto was much more effective than a leading prostate drug in improving urine flow in men with BPH. Bee pollen was also shown to relieve prostate problems.  But finding the exact right nutrient and food combination for YOUR BODY is not that easy.  Instead of wasting time trying different things and wondering if you’re on the right track, I’d love to work with you directly through our individualized Defy Your DNA program.

Men, the good news is that, if you take care of your prostate, it will take care of you!

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