Are You Tired of Hiding Behind a Mask?

How much time do you spend wondering what others think or trying to conceive of how you can win their approval? If your mind travels in this path, you most likely are repressing personal instincts and promptings that would otherwise free you to live life to your full potential. This is tantamount to “acting” your way through life. Is it healthy?

Research shows that the immune system functions best if we live in harmony with ourselves (in other words, when we are authentic). It should be a comfort to know that those who really love us will support us when they see us thinking outside the box in our personal quest to accomplish a worthy goal.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow launched a study: Why are some people happier than others? Does it depend on money, physical beauty, a great marriage, owning a time-share? What is it?

His conclusion (just like Aristotle’s) was that the most fulfilled people are those who accept themselves — their talents, limitations, aspirations, etc. And it is a foregone conclusion that happiness begets happiness. It is contagious — as is negativism. Having the courage to do and speak what truly emanates from your soul fosters health in you as well as in those around you.  

We all wear a disguise now and then, but having the mettle to be ourselves is part of living life victoriously. This kind of “life” is vibrant and permeates down to the cellular level. Read our Health Tip to find out how to arrive at this invaluable place of balance and health.

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