Are you a ticking time bomb?

Well, it’s true. Scientific research has validated oxidative stress as the root cause of degenerative processes (aging) in the body. What exactly is oxidative stress? Think of rusting iron. Oxygen reacts with other agents in our bodies and the cells begin to rust, and waste away. Over time, this obviously makes us look and feel old. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, although we need oxygen to live, high concentrations of it are actually corrosive and toxic. And the metabolic processes that must take place in our bodies, unfortunately, generate dangerous byproducts. These byproducts are the free radicals. These unstable molecules run around attacking their neighbors and creating a chain reaction of damage. So oxidative stress is the burden placed on our bodies by this continual damage created by the crazy free radicals. Of course this damage is heightened by environmental factors such as radiation, toxins in our food and water supply, pollution, medications, heavy metals, chemicals, food allergies, etc. And because of these excessive additional factors, we are now aging at a much more rapid rate then we ever have. Totally not cool.
What are our defenses? Of course to avoid the free radical damage from the factors listed above as much as possible, and then to enjoy a diet high in antioxidants (free radical eliminators).
A recent study listed the early warning signs of rapid damage to include skin problems, poor sleep, inflammation, aches, degenerative eyesight, sexual dysfunction, wrinkles, weakness, pain, muscle soreness, heartburn, upset stomach, weight gain, prolonged recovery times, GI issues, and shakes. If you have any of these signs, don’t ignore them! This is your body’s way of getting you to pay attention!

The foods I personally incorporate daily to achieve the highest antioxidant level:
-Raw Cacao tops the charts for antioxidant activity (I personally put raw cacao nibs in my daily smoothie, and eat my favorite raw Genesis Chocolate!)
-Berries such as blueberry, acai, and gogi
-Herbs such as garlic, cinnamon, oregano, and turmeric
-Dark colored veggies such as red cabbage, and broccoli
-Green, White, Black, or Red teas
-Beans and lentils

So here’s the deal, personally, just slowing my aging process is not enough. Especially since the process is in superdrive because of all of the additional toxins we are now dealing with. I truly believe the answer to reversing aging all together has been found! This may seem hard to believe, but stick with me. There have been over 40,000 peer reviewed studies done and the information is finally out. You have to see it to believe it. I can personally guarantee you there is nothing more cutting edge than this. In clinical trials testing for markers of oxidative stress, using this protocol, scientists could not distinguish the blood of the 80 year old from the blood of the 20 year old. I am very passionate about this protocol and if I could explain it all in this short article, I would! Educating Wellness is teaching a FREE class on this very protocol on Feb. 7th at 6:30 pm in the basement classroom at Advanced Health in Rhinelander. Please make sure you call ahead to reserve your seat, it’s going to be packed! (715)362-2300 or email [email protected]

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