7 Major Hiding Places for Sneaky Germs!

When we use the term ‘GERM’, in general we are referring to bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold/candida), and/or parasites.  Any of these will cause your body to function less than optimally.  Sometimes you know without a doubt that you have been ‘infected’ with a germ.  The common cold or flu, a yeast infection, strep throat, etc are all the cause of a germ.  BUT you don’t always know you’re infected.  These little buggers can hide for decades in little cocoon like formations until they feel like coming out and causing problems for you.  Pretty nasty, huh.  Not only do they hide in your body, but they hide in places around you that you should be aware of in order to diminish your susceptibility to them.  Here are several common hiding places that many people tend to forget.

1.  Can openers.  If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your can-opener, you can be sure you’re adding a plethora of germs to anything you are opening with it.

2.  Makeup.  Get rid of old make up and clean your brushes at least once/week.

3.  Cutting boards and cutlery holders.  If you had microscopic eyes, you’d never use either of these.

4.  Telephones.

5.  Light switches.

6.  Kitchen cloths and sponges.  Obviously these damp dark clumps love to harbor germs and this bug mecca loves to proliferate and grow here as well.  Remember to rinse your cloths and sponges in COLD water before setting aside, and throw them in the microwave (slightly damp) for 2-3 minutes every couple of days to kill off the colonies.

7.  Your computer keyboard and cell phone.

These are some of the major hiding places near you.  Certainly, any place where you are in close quarters with other people such as swimming pools, theaters, airplanes/ports, day cares, your doctors office, and schools, have extremely concentrated germs as well.  So what can we do about all of this?  First and foremost, keep yourself clean!  Wash your hands for the entire ABC’s or birthday song.  Skimping on the time allows for some germs to survive.  As a side note, make sure you are not using anti-bacterial soaps and/or disinfectants.  These are just causing us to produce bacteria that are resistant and even stronger and harder to handle.  Also, wash your surfaces with a little lemon essential oil and vinegar to properly disinfect.

 Quick Natural Cleaning Solution Recipe:

2c water

2tbsp vinegar

1tsp borax (optional)

10-15 drops tea tree oil and/or 5 drops lemon oil

Combine and shake up before each use.

Secondly, when in public places, don’t touch your face!  Don’t scratch your nose, wipe your eye, or rub your ear.  This not only transfers whatever germs you have on your hands right into your body, but it also leaves your germs for other people to pick up.

Lastly, and most importantly, you truly wouldn’t need to worry about any of these ‘germs’ if your immune system was strong enough to block them all!  Germs love sugar and believe it or not they also thrive on pasteurized dairy products.  So stop feeding them!  Make sure your nervous system is aligned and functioning optimally by having regular chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, and/or your favorite choice for nervous system enhancement.  Learn to keep your stress level down by utilizing meditation techniques, or whatever it is that works best for you in reducing stress and keeping yourself balanced.    Also, make sure you are getting your daily superfood smoothie!  Pack it full of immune boosting herbs and foods.  Some of my favorites are: chaga, chia, hemp seed, camu, gogi berries, noni, maca, marine phytoplankton, raw cacao, greens such as kale, swiss chard, peppers, celery, and sea vegetables.  Switch it up and make it fun but concentrate on making it from RAW foods and herbs to maximize effectiveness.

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