5 Things to Change TODAY

During a visit to my sister’s place, she made it very clear that she was upset with me for ‘withholding information’ on some of what I thought to be very basic life enhancement techniques. Because of this I decided it would be a good idea to make sure my readers know about them as well. So here are my top 5 things that if you haven’t made a part of your lifestyle yet, you need to do so for yourself and your family right away.

1. Stop drinking out of plastic water bottles. Aside from the carcinogenic compounds found in all plastics, the new extremely thin water bottles are leaching high amounts of estrogenic compounds. The reason for this is that they are now blown and then filled within 5 minutes of the blowing process. Plastic is supposed to sit for a minimum of 1 year before putting anything for human consumption in it because of the estrogenic and carcinogenic compounds. Also, crinkling the plastic at all causes a major release of these compounds directly into your water for an even greater dump of these toxins into your body.
Remedy: Always remember to carry your own stainless steel or (even better) glass water bottle filled with spring water, or at least filtered water. And no, it doesn’t work to just pour the bottled water into your container. As another quick reminder, do not ever heat your plastic with food in it, or drink or eat anything hot from a plastic container, or for heaven’s sake a styrofoam cup!

2. Stop using antiperspirant. I have been telling you this for years. The reason is that you are shoving heavy metals (mainly aluminum) and other chemicals directly into the bloodstream and way too close to the breast tissue. Your armpits are your natural place to detoxify. If you use antiperspirant, you are not allowing your body to eliminate its own waste PLUS you are adding the additional toxins. This is a breeding ground for cancerous cells.
Remedy: Use a natural deodorant (non-antiperspirant), and/or a bit of aluminum free baking soda to absorb any odor.

3. Incorporate some of the top herbs and superfoods into your daily diet. My favorites are raw gogi berries, quinoa, raw cacao nibs (or raw chocolate without sugar, my favorite being GenesisChoc/olate.com of course!), and medicinal mushrooms such as chaga and reishi. Throw them in a superfood smoothie, make a trail mix, or just eat them alone.

Here is my husband’s (Dr. Jerod Bergman) favorite Superfood ‘Cereal’:
1T Raw Hemp Seeds
1T Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1T Raw Sunflower Seeds
1T Gogi Berries
1c Organic Blueberries
1T Raw Cacao Nibs
1T Chia Seeds
1/4 t Pine Pollen (optional)
2-3 drops Vanilla Stevia or 1/2 t Raw Unfiltered Honey
Stir and ENJOY! This recipe includes every single thing your cells need in the exact right ratio for amazing performance enhancement and health.

4. Watch out for oils that have been touted as ‘healthy’ such as cottonseed, soybean, and yes, CANOLA. These oils are highly processed and genetically modified. Using these oils will harden the outside wall of your cells so nutrients can not get inside. They also cause insulin resistance over time, and decreased ability to communicate with the hormones that your body needs to run important processes. These oils also accelerate the aging process (and wrinkles!) by heightening free-radical production.
Remedy: Use the great amazing coconut oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil for my top picks. Make sure they’re organic.

5. Artificial sweeteners make you FAT! It is super easy to find this information (check mercola.com for one place). The empty calories cause your body to make up for what it is missing, so you end up eating more. Of course there are neurotoxic effects, adverse gastrointestinal effects, and consuming them will create a decreased absorption of minerals and vitamins. Possibly the worst part is that aspartame changes to formaldehyde at body temperature.
Remedy: If you need a calorie free, low glycemic sweetener, go for stevia or luo han guo.

Every journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. I’m asking you to take just one, but take it today!

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