4 Keys To Lasting Happiness

I am going to start by stating the SAD news, but after that, I promise to get positive again!  Researchers from Mayo Clinic recently reported that over 70% of Americans are on some type of prescription medication and the number 2 most commonly prescribed medication is an antidepressant of some kind. What this means is that there are way too many sad, anxious, and depressed people in our country (and beyond). But the real question is WHY are so many dealing with these feelings on a continual and increasing basis? Let’s dig in and see if we can uncover an underlying cause.

A few of my favorite sources of helpful information with some of our society’s current issues include history, ancestry, and indigenous cultures. In my opinion, there is a wealth of knowledge here that we forget we have at our fingertips (literally-Google). In these times we seem to want to look ahead and into the newest, latest technological advancements. Don’t get me wrong, obviously medical technology and its future is amazing and continually changing for the better, but there is a certain knowingness in our DNA that many of the answers we are looking for are already inside of us. Let’s take for example, our happiness level.  Since the need for anti-depressant medications are continually rising, the underlying cause of the depression has not yet been thoroughly addressed. If you study a bit of my three favorite info sources, you will see that when people throughout history (and in current indigenous cultures) experienced depression type symptoms, their local Shaman or ‘Medicine Man’ or even Family Doctor would ask a series of varying questions that all accumulate down to 4 basic keys.

The 4 main questions we should ask ourselves when we are feeling stuck, depressed, off our purpose, and mundane are the following:

1. When did I stop singing? (Actually SINGING and/or at least moving your diaphragm with deep breathing)

2. When did I stop dancing? (Moving your body and getting your energy flowing)

3. When did I stop telling stories? (Sharing your story or gift with others)

4. When did I stop taking time for silence? (Time to stop the mind chatter and connect)

Once you figure out where your main block is using these 4 essentials for true deep happiness, you can’t stop there. You need to then start incorporating what you found to be missing into your everyday life. As you utilize these basic essentials more and more, that happy portion of your brain will start to regain it’s strength, just like working out your muscles in the gym. As it gets stronger, the overall result will be more happy time and less sad time. More productive time, and less lazy sleepy time. More interest in what you came to this earth to accomplish and more steps toward accomplishing it. Sure there will be ups and downs, but the trick is no matter whether you’re up or down, continue to use the 4 main questions and implement your results. I’d also like you to sit down and reinstate your WHY on paper. Everyone has one and if you’re clear about it, the more amazing your life will continue to become. Your WHY is the reason you live. The reason you do what you do (or what you plan to do). Write down your WHY for life and then each day, remind yourself of it and create a mini-why for just that day.  This will truly keep you On Purpose and give you a reason to enjoy each day to the fullest.

From a clinical standpoint, I would also highly recommend you have your nutritional status of Vitamin D, Probiotics (good bacteria), and Essential Fatty Acids checked up on. If you’re deficient in any of these, your efforts with the above information will not be nearly as easy to do or as effective. If you’ve been following my dietary suggestions, and you have these basic supplements in check for your body, by adding the steps above there will no excuse but to enjoy continual and lasting happiness just because you’re YOU. If you need a jump-start to get yourself in the right direction please ask for help!  You are worth it!

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