3 Steps to Controlling Your Female Hormones

There are several natural ways to keep hormone levels operating properly throughout the stages of life. Plan on being patient through several cycles while your hormones stabilize.

1. Diet: Hormones depend on good fat for their proper release. Avocados, deep-sea fish, grass-fed meats, free-range eggs, and fresh nuts are essential. Recommended supplements include a quality fish oil or flax seed oil.

In many cases, supplementing proper fats is also imperative.  For non-cycling, or “semi”-cycling women, use Black Currant Seed and/or Evening Primrose oil. Remember, “quality” is the key word when it comes to “oils.” Most oils sitting on a store shelf are rancid. We are here to help you with this.

There are also some things you will need to avoid: refined sugars, white flours, soy products, and meats or dairy that contain added hormones. If your case is one of long standing, ask your doctor to recommend a natural progesterone cream or a bio-identical hormone cream. Try to avoid surgeries and medications that have side effects.

2. Exercise: Proper oxygenation to the cells is imperative for a healthy hormone cycle. This is true for all ages. Forget the 2-hour gym workout. Do a daily 20-minute walk or another exercise that you prefer on a consistent basis. We can’t emphasize stretching enough!  Stretching will help your cells eliminate their toxins and pull in new nutrients.  Stretch your body in ways you are not used to.

3. Comfort: Because it will take some time for your body to become “normal” in this respect, there are a few things during the period to alleviate discomfort. A rice pack (moist hot pack) directly on the uterus is soothing. Dry heat (as in a heating pad) can actually increase the amount of congestion in the abdominal area.

White willow bark is an excellent herb for relieving pain.  Evening Primrose Oil also offers great support against mood changes before the period and for menopausal symptoms.

Women who are willing to put the above steps into practice are likely to have their monthly complaining come to an end if they are patient and persevere in a healthy direction.

We see many cases who have additional steps that need to be taken.  If you feel like you’ve tried everything and need specific support, we have worked with hundreds of hormonal cases and would be happy to help you.  You can find out more here.

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