Scar Treatment Kit

Kit includes 1 specifically formulated scar laser, 1 bottle of Renovator, and 2 bottles of Sesame Oil, as well as complete instructions on how to treat scars properly and effectively. Total cost for the kit is $398 and when you purchase all 3 items together we offer FREE shipping. This comes with our 100% money back guarantee. We are so confident in this protocol when used exactly as instructed, that we will give you a complete 90 day money back guarantee! if desired results are not achieved within 90 days, we will completely refund your money!


This extremely unique oil is matched with Sesame Oil by Standard Process to completely nourish the nerve fibers in your skin and through your scars.  Pairing these two oils with our specially formulated scar therapy laser will allow your nervous system to properly align and run the way it was designed to.


A natural support for toning and tuning the skin.

    This oil provides a natural support for toning and tuning the largest human organ, the skin. It is an effective healing emollient, skin soother and moisturizer that is used for treating rashes, sunburn, and burns. It effectively moisturizes, repairs, and brings relief to dry chapped and/ or sunburned skin and is effectively used for hemorrhoids and vaginal dryness. Recommended for external use.


Aloe Vera; Jojoba Oil; Vit. E; Arnica; Beeswax; Rose; Lilac; Lilly of the Valley; Chapeu de Couro; Passion Flower; Allantoin; Myrrh Gum; Chamomile; Cassia.

Scar Laser

The all natural and health producing qualities of our rectangular red light beam (output 635nm 5mw), will be useful for many health concerns.  Its specialized frequency of light allows the mitochondria (energy producers of the cell) to jump into over drive. This creates a quick healing environment for your cellular system.  Try it on EVERYTHING!  At this amazing frequency, it can be used effectively on not only your scars, but on joint and muscle pain, sore throats, toothaches, sinus pressure, headaches, childhood ear infections, and the list goes on.  We will even include a specialized laser treatment page for jet lag.  You will be surprised at how many uses you will find for your new laser!

Sesame Oil

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