Q-Disc WiFi and Cell Phone EMF Protection

Q-Disc 3.0 is finally here! For All Cell Phones

Ultra-thin, high polarity disc: the ultimate in cell-phone harmonization for any type of cell phone. Simply peel off the adhesive and place it on the center of the back of your cell phone. This is the most powerful cell phone protection you can buy. Actually converts the chaos energy from your cell phone into positive beneficial energy!!!

Can be used to remediate Wi-Fi units as well.

This is the third generation of the Q-Disc, updated to address the increased biofield stress output of the newer cell phones.

The Q-Disc 3.0 converts the increased chaotic energy field effect of newer cell phones to a coherent and beneficial field.

If you have a new iPhone, Galaxy, etc. purchased in 2012 or later you will need to upgrade to the Q-Disc 3.0 for maximum biofield coherence and also for its special food un-encoding effects. To un-encode food just hold the back of your cell phone where you have your Q-Disc to your plate of food for 2 minutes before you eat and it will un-encode the food. Now you can digest it much more easily.

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