Look Out for the Needs of Your Body!

It asks for an abundance of LIVE foods.

Make it a priority to daily consume as much food as possible as it comes from nature.  This is where the enzymes are found that lead to complete digestion and give you maximum nutrient value.

Remember, too, that when food is heated to over 116 degrees, the enzymes are destroyed. (And if food is microwaved, the enzymes are destroyed, AND the protein is denatured.) Another consequence of eating foods that lack enzymes is an abundance of fat soluble toxins, and where do they get stored? No surprise … in the body’s fat cells! Ever wonder why over 70 percent of people in this country are overweight? 

The bottom line is that we cannot overemphasize the importance of eating raw, live foods on a daily basis, some with every meal, in fact! And again, if you eat a cooked meal, you need to help your pancreas and GI tract out by supplementing a high quality digestive enzyme (like our favorite Premier Digest).  This keeps you young and full of energy since your body is no longer bogged down by trying to store undigested molecules.

Go here for two LIVE food recipes to get you started!

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