Guided Brainwave Entrainment Deep Relaxation Meditation

Cathy Lumsden, psychotherapist, researcher, international speaker has 25 years plus of experience counselling over 100,000 individual adults, families, teenagers and children.  She offers a guided meditation, tastefully woven into gentle music, uses new brainwave technology to achieve the theta brainwave state. All you have to do is listen and you are guided into meditative states that only experienced meditators can achieve. Deep Relaxation entrains the brain to achieve a profound state of relaxation yielding immediate and long-term benefits such as:

·         Releasing of beneficial hormones for health and longevity

·         Quieting the chatter of the mind

·         Sleep onset and enhancement

·          Reduce mental fatigue

·         Enhance or accelerate meditative and spiritual growth practices

·         Reduction of stress and anxiety

·         Memory enhancement

Many individuals experience “eureka’s”, or incredible insights after theta brainwave entrainment. As you practice this audio, not only will you be teaching your brain to effortlessly achieve this state of relaxation, you will be gradually training your brain to achieve the same state naturally on its own!

Recently, Cathy has launched two new guided meditation CDs based on brainwave therapy -‘Deep Relaxation’ and ‘Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom’. She has graciously offered Deep Relaxation to our wonderful group of meditators!  Here she has blended the science of the brain with the psychology of the mind and body, to create a meditation with immediate and long-term benefits. 

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