Achieving Your Purpose and Success

Take a moment to picture in your head someone you know who is successful. Not just someone wealthy, but true success, someone who has a strong purpose and who is achieving their goals. Now picture someone who is unsuccessful, that person who ‘just can’t catch a break’ no matter what happens. I have personally studied people I consider successful to see what it is that they have that may be different from others. It actually comes down to 2 very simple things. Goal setting and positive thinking. Yes, it’s really that simple. A life without goals follows the precept that “He who aims at nothing, hits it”. Without goals, or a desire to move in a forward direction, life takes on a motion of its own. Most of the time that motion is stagnant or even backwards. Achieving goals with positive thinking is the easiest and fastest way to reach your goals and move even further forward in life. Go back to the unsuccessful person you just imagined.

Let’s say he just got a flat tire. What does he say? Maybe something like “Well, that figures. It’s just my luck that this would happen to me”. These negative statements will only bring this person more negativity and more problems. By merely saying that, this person is OWNING his non-success. In the same scenario with a successful person, he may realize the great opportunity in networking with new people such as the tow truck driver or whoever comes to help. Or maybe realizes that being stuck with a flat tire for a while, allowed him to miss the traffic that day. Successful goal achievers have a positive filter built into their mind. Everything that happens during the day is then seen from this positive perspective. This isn’t ‘rose colored glasses’ thinking but rather a totally different way of seeing the world. We all have the ability to change our filter. If your filter is negative, your surroundings are negative, and your success is negative. The point is, you can take a ‘bad’ situation and let it follow you for the entire day, or you can find the good in it. Not only will you stop wasting your days away, but you can use your days for success achieving opportunities.

Goals are not wishes. They are written, objective future conditions that contain a plan to achieve them. Writing a goal without a plan is like swimming without water. It’s just not going to work. Plus, the actual terminology of a goal, objective, plan, or condition isn’t as important as making that goal and seeing the route toward it. Achieving goals with positive thinking is dependent upon moving toward completion by accomplishing certain tasks. All goals can be broken down into achievable tasks that, taken together, bring you toward your success. The way this works best is to write down your goal or target and then work backwards from it setting mini objectives or stepping stones to get you there.

On the positive thinking side, understand that in my opinion, it goes beyond positive affirmations or feel-good mantras that are repeated daily. Although repetition is effective, you actually need to believe that your positive thoughts and goals are truthful and achievable. Positive affirmations do work toward development of a positive self-worth and self-esteem, however, which then leads to more truthful/believable goals.

Feelings of depression and being overwhelmed are enough to negate any positive affirmations you may have said that day. Positive thinking and positive control begins with believing that you are worth achieving your goals. You need to know that you have an inherent self-worth that goes beyond what the world is telling you. The easiest way to know this is to find your PURPOSE! Every single person has a purpose on this earth. You inherently know what your purpose is, but you just may not have uncovered it yet. If this is you, DO NOT START BY SETTING GOALS OR MAKING POSITIVE STATEMENTS. Sit down and realize your purpose. Why are you here? What is your specific talent that you can offer others? Once you find this purpose and truly define it in detail, your goals will miraculously fall into place and you will easily start achieving them!

We all choose how we interpret our world. Is the glass half empty or half full? Does the half full glass give us the opportunity to fill it or is it half empty with promises that were never fulfilled? People who achieve goals with positive thinking and purpose, see the glass half full giving them the opportunity to fill it even further!

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