Mina Cleereman

Mina CleeremanMina Cleereman, RN is the HA2CG Coordinator for Educating Wellness.  She was raised in Northern Wisconsin along with her twin sister.  Being a mother of three children, she realizes the importance of optimal health and well being, not only for her children but herself.  Her Middle Eastern heritage has given her insight beyond Western medicine in both a lifestyle and healing manner.  She is passionate about giving and charity and is enthusiastic about working to share with others the benefits of the HA2CG Program along with Health and Wellness in general.

Since Mina received her nursing degree, she has worked in nearly every aspect of healthcare.  Now that she has her  Certification for hA2cg Professionals, she enjoys guiding people as they achieve their weight loss goals rapidly yet safely with this groundbreaking program.  “I am anxious and excited to share this weight loss and detoxification program with as many people as possible!  Watching others reach their goals and find success brings as much accomplishment to me as it does to them. This program will be life changing for so many people and I am happy to be a part of that progress.

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