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  • No Heavy Exercise

  • Average Patient Weight Loss is 25-40 Pounds in 40 Days

  • All Natural Liquid Herbal Blends

  • Designed to Burn Irregular Toxic Fats While Maintaining Lean Muscle Tissue

We Empower Individuals Through Our Network Of Doctors To Profoundly Improve Their Health And Their Lives Every Day Utilizing Our Unique Weight Loss Program


artphWe expect to dramatically and genuinely improve the health of Americans nationwide. Through our state of the art, integrated, nutritional formulations and weight control program we are attacking the battle of the ‘bulge’ head on.

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions throughout America and we are determined to reverse that trend. After 100’s of clinical patient studies, we believe we have created the ultimate weight loss system. It’s an amazingly safe and effective weight loss method that offers individuals a life changing solution which can’t be found anywhere else.

We treat our patients in need of weight loss as if their lives depended upon the success of our program. We diagnose, educate, and safely treat each patient with extraordinary care and respect for their health.


Introducing a weight loss system that provides healthy, safe, sustainable, and realistic results. FINALLY!


  • 70% of healthy weight loss achieved in the first 21 days.
  • Doctor Supervised 100% Natural FAT loss.
  • No gimmicks, no hormones, no side-effects, no starvation, no heavy exercise.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.

nikis-journey-coverOur Life Optimization Coach Niki Kostrova’s personal testimonial

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A Few Other Testimonials:

“I am so glad I made the decision to do the Global Weight Loss program. Not only am I losing weight much quicker than any previous diets I’ve tried, (11.4 lbs the first week), but the inches are melting off as well. This is the first diet I’ve been on where I’m not hungry or tempted to cheat. I think of it more like a lifestyle change than a diet. It is a little strict but the pay-off is well worth it! Another bonus is that my energy has skyrocketed!! Before starting this weight loss plan I was always tired no matter how much sleep I got. Now I have so much energy that I am getting all my previous abandoned projects done. Even my dogs have lost weight because now I have the energy to take them for daily walks. Another great thing that has happened is that prior to starting this weight loss plan I had to take strong prescription medications in order to sleep. Now because of my increased energy during the day I am sleeping great and I am off the sleeping medication! I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate weight loss goal but I am off to a fantastic start, and already feel so much healthier. I am almost done with round one and definitely plan on going for round two! Here is to a better healthier, happier me.” – Katie Grant

“Today is Day 14 for me. I’ve lost 12 lbs so far.” – Kelly Oliver

“I started Global Weight Loss Program 15 days ago and at 14 days I had lost 11 pounds and 10 inches. I’m really excited.” – Judy Prescott

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