If there was a scientifically proven way to DRIVE positive strength and healing ability into your very DNA and take your SUCCESS, JOY, and FREEDOM to a whole new level, would you do it?

How often do you upgrade the software on your computer or phone?
Wouldn’t it make sense to upgrade YOUR OWN operating system?

If you’ve been searching for something that will bring you to the next level, you are in THE EXACT RIGHT PLACE….


As Dr. Oz boldly states to the world, “The Next Big Frontier is Energy Medicine”. We now have proof of new technology that BALANCES your body’s energies and allows you to achieve optimal physical health, and mind/body connectedness. Revealing new research shows that disorganized energy waves can damage and even KILL human cells! These studies show us that the TYPE of energy surging through our cells has a direct effect on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Why Does This Matter?


Top institutions of medical science have proven that disease always begins as a disorganized energy pattern long before it shows up as a physical symptom.

This picture actually shows us the difference between a cell with healthy cellular energy (top) and one with damaging disorganized energy (bottom).

In order to function at an optimal level, we must introduce organized energy to our cells.


Is This A New Concept?


Not at all. Thanks to Albert Einstein, we have known since 1925 that If you’ve been searching for something that will bring you to the next level, you are in THE EXACT RIGHT PLACE….but, you’ll have to be willing to think outside the box. Disorganized Energy Waves “Everything is energy and everything is influenced by energy.” Remember, if you look at yourself microscopically, your atoms, protons, and your most basic building blocks are ENERGY.

The latest research is showing that 95% of ALL health problems are a result of disorganized energy. And it doesn’t stop at health. Any happiness issues as well as success issues are also determined by proper cellular energy.

The Revealing Breakthrough Is This…

these disorganized energy fields CANNOT exist in the presence of ORGANIZED energy. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a way out of all of this!

Introducing your cellular makeup to consistent organized energy frequencies will eliminate unwanted chaotic frequencies, and the physical body and mind stress right along with it.


How would you like to RESET your body’s energy field? And by doing so, enjoy your highest potential in all areas of life?

You may be asking yourself why you haven’t heard much about these amazing health and wellness breakthroughs. Although traditional medicine uses energy every day in their practices (MRIs, CT scans, and the like), it has only been the last few years that medical science has finally started utilizing the unlimited potential of ENERGY to enhance life at every level.

As Medical Doctor Richard Gerber states, “No more need to cut, burn and poison – the potential of energy to heal is limitless. The ultimate approach to healing is to remove the abnormalities at the energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place.

Using frequencies to heal malfunctioning organs creates the ultimate preventive medicine which will correct destructive energy imbalances before overt illnesses ever develop.”

And world renowned expert in cellular biology and quantum physics, Dr. Bruce Lipton, MD, PhD states:

“Electromagnetic signals that are produced by your senses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as you experience the world send “messages” that reach your cells. As you constantly adjust to your environment, so do your cells.”

So the problem is this: In a study done by Harvard University in 2010, about 50% of all thoughts and emotions are NEGATIVE. So even if you think you are a positive person, these disorganized energies are internalized even without you knowing it.

This not only damages your cellular makeup, but they can cause your immune system to mis-fire or even shut down. With a faulty immune system, you are susceptible to physical disease, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, anger, fatigue, depression…actually ANY physical, mental, or emotional problem.

If you’ve noticed that it has been difficult to reach your goals, to stay healthy, to exude happiness, to enjoy your family, etc., you can be sure at least part of your issue (if not all of it) stems from this highly disorganized cellular energy. The good news is….IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! As Dr. Lipton states,

“The ODDS of trying to heal yourself or change negative deeply-held cycles – whether they are physical illness, spiritual lacking, or mental tension and traumas – are approximately a million to one if you are trying to do it through YOUR OWN WILLPOWER

The GREAT news? If you can introduce your cells to organized and calming frequencies or wavelengths, they then work WITH you to emit the correct positive, healthy energy throughout your entire body and beyond!

When your cells are functioning on an organized energy level, you will continually feel alive, full of energy, peaceful, clear headed, creative, decisive, loving, slow to anger, joyful, and secure.

When your cells are constantly bombarded with disorganized frequencies, you are prone to illness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, confusion, fogginess, negativity, depression, guilt, fear, anger, and the constant need to escape by using drugs, alcohol, napping, or too much television.

So…perfect health and wellbeing depends on having positive organized energy flowing through your cells!



…we can use this amazing technology with you from the comfort of your own home. We happily work with people all over the world.




After years of research, study, collaboration, and just plain hard work, we invite you to Defy Your DNA™


Scientific research has shown that although we cannot choose our genetics, we do have the ability to influence which of our genes get expressed. We have the ability to turn on genes which promote health, and turn off those which code for illness and disease. The way we influence our genetic expression is surprisingly simple…our genes respond to our toxicity level, to nutrition, and to stress.

Our goal is to help you create a lifestyle which helps you turn on healthy genes, and turn off genes which may make you susceptible to illness or disease. We call it Defying Your DNA. Our holistic wellness approach empowers you to:

Our intention is to go beyond symptom relief, to help you Defy your DNA to actively create a lifetime of health and wellbeing for you and your family.

So, if you’re ready to experience total body empowerment, and freedom from the ‘monkey mind’, and you’re ready to allow yourself to grow in health and success, while truly enjoying each day of your wonderful life, then you’re in the right place!


YES! I am ready to take the next step!

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*This is an all inclusive health history and consult with one of our Doctors to find out if you are a qualified candidate for this life changing program.

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Your Binaural Tone
Deep Sleep and Relaxation Audio
($37 value)


Dr. Oz and thousands of other doctors and medical researchers are very excited about the deeply relaxing, stress-eliminating effects of a certain sound frequency called “binaural tones.

For anyone who saw the Dr. Oz show on binaural beats (Nov 13, 2012), however, the effects of these frequencies that have now been scientifically validated clearly work.

“I myself have had many patients who have used this technology (binaural beats) to get to places mentally and experientially that they could not get to on their own.”
–Dr. Oz

What we now know about the subconscious mind is that it was built almost like a tape recorder. From the ages of before birth to about 6 years, your subconscious mind recorded everything possible as a survival mechanism. Your brain is now running all of those programs without discrimination. Most of the time we do not even know these programs are running in the background of our lives. Some of those programs are important for you to sustain life, however, many of the recorded programs are slowing your progress toward the life you desire to live.

By naturally and properly reminding your subconscious mind that these are merely limiting beliefs, we can actually create new life enhancing beliefs to override their input. This leaves you with all of your needed programs, none of the detrimental ones, and BRAND NEW ENHANCED BELIEFS! To achieve this, we use what is called Neurolinguistic Reprogramming. A 100% natural process to eliminate limiting beliefs and incorporate new life enhancing beliefs.

Remember, your subconscious mind is running your life 95% of the time or MORE!

Training the subconscious to enhance your life will truly produce miraculous results for you and your family.

And it’s EASY. Just put on your headphones and push play.

YES! I am ready to take the next step!

Preliminary Consultation: $240
Limited Time Introductory Offer: $120

*This is an all inclusive health history and consult with one of our Doctors to find out if you are a qualified candidate for this life changing program.

Call our clinic now: (715) 362-2300!